Methods that Fit Your Team

Everyone is different, in a team we pick up the laggers and push the team. This is why a Personal Trainer takes individual requirements into consideration and creates a training environment that corresponds directly to the needs of the team and the Sports Coaches. I am here to give you specific advice, support, strategy and help you achieve exactly what you want.

Fitness Coach

Let's get some clarity on the fitness of your team with testing and measurement. We can ensure that the fitness requirements of each individual is met and use markers to highlight where the team or individuals can be brought up to speed. Have someone who understands where people are at greater risk of injury through lifestyle issues, fitness deficits and biomechanical issues. Have me support your team in winning ways.

Biomechanics Coach

Just like in industry where I'm hired to reduce the incidence and severity of back pain and other ailments your team can benefit too from the world leaders in a systematic approach to intrinsic biomechanics. Simple and effective special testing and exercises that will enable 100% of that persons ability to perform.

Sports Massage & Therapy Sessions

  • iMoveFreely Sessions
  • Biomechanical Assessments
  • Soft Tissue Work
  • Self treatment workshops

Where sports massage therapy is applied with Biomechanics assessments we can see what is happening around the body. We know that the body can find it's own natural freedom of movement in the absence of acute injury and chronic issues without excessive manual therapy based on guesswork and some of the outdated methods in muscle testing. See natural function, freedom of movement and the health of muscles will follow. Where it doesn't we use massage to help and cover other changes like scar tissue, adhesions and trigger points etc. Everyone likes a massage but wouldn't you rather feel great and move freely without one every week.

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