Sports Massage & Muscle Release in Exeter

April Full Massage Discount

Price reducer for 5 sessions purchased individually £50 £40 £30 £20 £10


Terms and conditions:

  • First appointment 90 minutes assessment and treatment
  • Purchase of first treatment to start in April 2017
  • Offer remains open for use until May 2017
  • Offer available to residents within 10 miles of Exeter at their home residence only.

Feel the amazing benefits of a unique blend in Biomechanics Coaching and Sports Massage



Sports massage in Exeter gives freedom to move

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The benefits of holistic sports massage:

  • Physical or mechanical - this is my specialist area
  • Physiological
  • Psycological



​The main reasons I use sports massage as a stand-alone service or supplemental in helping my Personal Training clients in Exeter is to be able to manipulate muscle tissue into working better. The benefits within the three categories listed above all have a positive effect on the muscles thus helping them to work better. My key point in the approaches I use is to be able to highlight the intrinsic mechanical functioning of the body and target key muscles with a view to reinstating correct function.


The correct function of the entire human body is the key to freedom of movement and reduced muscle tension through correct intrinsic biomechanical function and irradication or control of extrinsic factors that perpetuate a cycle of physical, physiological and psycological breakdown.


If you wish I will teach you how to release your key muscles that lead to aches and pains and utilise various techniques so that when you're done you're done, no need to come back weekly because you feel freedom and strength naturally.

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