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Post-partum Personal Trainer Does It Properly


I'm really pleased I got in contact. Post-partum I was definately in need of an MOT. Injuries that had been restricting my training pre-pregnancy were still causing problems. I was really impressed with my initial session, and interested to find my 14 dysfunctions, some of which were treated in my first session. Just 3 weeks later I'm down to only 9 dysfunctions. My back pain has gone and the knee pain is reduced. I'm look forwards to progressing further. See you next time:)


Amy Colley - Personal Trainer, Pure Fitness, Ivybridge


Pure Fitness Website

Being keen but don't break yourself! 


I came to my Friday session with you with severe back pain. It had been intermittent for over a week after doing something silly up a hill on a bike! After 60 minutes I was fighting fit - having released tight muscles and gently exercised under your supervision I had no pain.

Thanks Neil. Not just a Personal Trainer but also a repair man!




John Varley

Marathon with a broken arm and a baby!


Well, there I was in January 2008, an already deferred London marathon place that I couldn't bear to give up on, a very badly broken arm and a 10 month old baby who had meant no running for, oh, 19 months or so! Quite a tall order. One of my friends recommended Neil and he told me he liked a challenge! Good thing too, I can't recommend Neil enough - not only did I finish the marathon but I enjoyed every minute of it and really didn't feel that bad at the end (honest)! What I appreciated most was the tailored training plan, which took account of my broken arm and my need not to get injured in what was, after all, a very short training period. Of course, a bit of slave-driving also helped, as did company on my long runs. And advice on diet and 
supplements etc. - a truly holistic approach. Thanks ever so much Neil, couldn't have done it without you!


Natalie Quantrill

Back Pain and Tennis


Neil started as my Personal Trainer four years ago when my physical condition was not good. I had constant pain in my lower back and my life was affected. This had developed as a result of scoliosis of the back & working for long hours with a bad posture. Neil started with a course of therapy exercises which started to reduce the pain and improve my posture in-line with lifestyle issues that were not helping. Neil is very hollistic so he's always promoting a wide range of issues like correct breathing, sleeping and proper diet to promote the healing process. Then we moved onto strength & flexibility exercises to rebalance my muscles. All was very personal and planned in detail so I did not overdo it and to keep any setbacks I had to a minimum.

Neil also advised I have separate treatment in the form of deep tissue work. I personally chose to have acupuncture and massage at a local chiropractic centre to work side by side on what he was teaching me. Neil was always encouraging me to keep up with the exercises so that I could keep the momentum going.

It's has been a long road but now I am virtually free of the issue and I can enjoy life and perform better in tennis without hurting my back. I would recommend Neil as a Personal Trainer if you are recovering from injury or if you want to improve your fitness for a healthier life.


Graham Vanstone MAAT.

Competitive fanatical runner


Neil has been my personal trainer for two years. In that time my fitness has improved so much that I have been running 10k, and half marathons races setting new PB’s and achieving all my goals. Every session is challenging as Neil focuses on different aspects of my fitness, working on stamina, strength and running specific exercises. Neil is very motivating and he has helped me think more about my nutrition and improve my flexibility through the Foundation Training exercises. Neil always pushes me to work hard and has helped me overcome the ‘mental barrier’ that would normally make me give up. I would recommend Neil to anyone who is serious about getting fit as his knowledge and enthusiasm about fitness is fantastic.


Janet Sealey

Weight loss and total life rejuvination

Inactive to Great North Run and beyond


I have been working with Neil for some 9 months now with a view to both improving
my general fitness and a real goal of running in the Great North Run this year. Neil has helped me with a structured program, sound science and great motivation. I have enjoyed working with Neil and will continue to do so. He has a way of making things challenging, interesting, full of vari
ety and, above all, fun. I have no hesitation in recommending Neil to anyone who needs that extra push to make things happen.


Peter Middleton

Stacking on the muscle


I had Neil as a personal trainer for about 4 months. In that time he managed to condition me and get me into a training regime that suited me. He worked with me on this plan and pushed me all the way to get the most out of it. He also taught me about lots of different factors including 'diet', in which he evaluated my eating habits and got me on a strict eating plan. I am now training on my own but I still use the program that Neil made me and stick to his techniques. If I was to use a personal trainer again I would definitely go back to Neil.  


Jake Mowsom

Senior class athlete finds new legs


Having seen Neil working as a personal trainer with clients at the Exeter McCaulay’s Fitness centre I was keen to ask him if he could help me improve my performance as an orienteer. I have been impressed by his depth of knowledge and his thorough and systematic approach. We started with a wide range of agility and fitness tests from which he has analysed to identify my key strengths and weaknesses. He always explains everything he proposes to do with me and the purpose of any tests or exercises. So far we have been working on exercises to improve my strength for running and my agility in preparation for coping with rough terrain. He is quick to adapt routines where I am struggling or not being sufficiently challenged. He is always takes into consideration a particular recurrent back issue a now I don't appear to have a problem with it anymore which after 30 years of pain is fantastic.
I feel safe and confident that I won’t be pushed too far within the exercise sessions. We have a good laugh together so the sessions are fun as well as challenging.


Jill Green 2010


Jill has gone on from local, to national to European level competition in her sport and attributes her success and greater 'core' strength to alleviated back pain and improved flexibility with agility that enable her to train at a much higher level than was previously attainable. 2014

Reversing the ageing process


Neil has been my personal trainer for just over 3 months. Before that I did exercise apart from leisurely walks with my dog. With just 3 months of personal training provided by Neil my body has become toned and much stronger. I find day-to-day activities easier and feel healthier in myself. Neil always explains the training and makes it fun. Thoroughly recommended.


Cheryl Chord

Climbing to dizzy new heights


I have worked out with Neil at the health club for the past twelve months. When I first started their Neil was the trainer that showed me the equipment and took me through some programmes. Since that time I have employed him on many occasions for workout sessions and new programmes to help me to get fit for mountain climbing. My goal is to be fit enough for a major climb in september 2008. To achieve this Neil has predominantly worked on my whole body strength and advised on cardiovascular work. Neil can cater for whatever your needs are, he is a very hard working chap, always on time and always with a good sense of humour. I have made alot of progress with fitness thanks to Neil.


Chris Colwill

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