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Clinton Devon Estates - Rolle Estate Head Office


Neil has been employed by the Estate since the 7 May 2010 in an ongoing programme of days providing Personal Training services and an array of other supporting initiatives for all our members of staff.

The aim of this is to provide health, fitness and lifestyle advice to employees with a view to managing work/life balance for better overall health and fitness.

We have found him to be fully effective in this and professional in his approach to the task, and would have no hesitation in recommending him for a similar position.


The Environment Agency

I'm always improving so I take this all onboard and improve with every session.


‘It was really interesting. I’d give it a 3 on a scale of 1-5. I think I’d score it higher if there was just a little bit more of the practice and less of the theory (or rather the theory could be explained while going through the exercises). Hope that makes sense’.

‘I would rate the session as 3/4 – the class was informative and very interesting. Neil is obviously very passionate about his subject. It was a good introduction to biomechanics but I think to get the most out of it, one-to-one sessions would be more beneficial (I guess what Neil is hoping you will do after this session)’.
‘I really enjoyed the session and thought Neil very knowledgeable and able to pass on his message well.  I would give him a 5 for this and will definitely use the exercises that he gave us’.
‘I thought it was interesting and different. I feel different but not sure whether its better or not. I probably need to give the exercises a go and reflect after a week.
The session was good. He could talk less but I can see why he needed to share some back ground. I thought the safety guidelines were good. Presentation probably 4’.
‘I thought the session was a brilliant introduction to the subject. It seems like common sense but the messages Neil was talking about have reminded me to move more regularly at work. I will try and be disciplined enough to do some of the exercises (and not feel foolish in the office) ….. but I am also considering having a personal assessment when I’ve saved a bit of spare cash. 4 out of 5 (only because he forgot to do the initial assessment)’.



Colebrook Housing Society - Trainers Secrets Away-Days

A series of wellness days inline with the Health, Work and Wellbeing Challenge were run between Colebrook Housing Society and Smile Fitness at a convenient and quality fitness facility. The itinerary comprised of seminars, workshops and fitness classes that focus on:

  • Mental Health & Wellbeing
  • Stress Management and coping with change
  • Work Life Balance
  • Healthy activities and healthy lifestyles

Evaluation completed reported on a scale 1 little/nothing to 4 a lot were as follows:

  • How much do you feel you have learned from this workshop day?

70% Rated 4

30% Rated 3

  • How much do you feel the day will influence what you do in the future?

54% Rated 4

46% Rated 3

  • Did you enjoy the day?

70% Rated 4

30% Rated 3

  • What was your overall opinion of the day i.e. facilitation, style, pace, format?

62% Rated 4

38% Rated 3

  • What did you think of the workshop facilitators?

70% Rated 4

30% Rated 3


Professional Membership & Education

Biomechanics Education Trained
Personal Training Membership Level 3 Trainer Fully insured through the Register of Exercise Professionals
Personal Trainer Exeter Devon 1st Class Honours Health & Fitness
Biomechanics Coach Exeter, Devon Biomechanics & Massage
Smile Fitness
Exeter , Devon
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Mobile phone 07850219927
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