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Smile Corporate Fitness aims to provide business management and their staff with the most applicable, up-to-date and scientifically supported information and bespoke services centred on enjoyable ways of maintaining health for a productive, long and functionally capable working life, therefore improving company attractiveness and profitability.


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Health and Wellness at Work

Smile Fitness is an Exeter based company that works with you to consult and support you with all things health and fitness.


A corporate health and wellness at work programme seeks to promote a systematic approach to creating healthy workplaces, practices and individuals.


It has now been proven by multiple studies that a targeted investment in your staff health and fitness will give beneficial results affecting your bottom line positively.


Working with your appointed liaison officer we  assess your needs and develop a company specific health and fitness mission statement for the future that will ultimately support all other areas of your business.


For example your needs might be:


  • To maximise workforce productivity - Identify the factors affecting absenteeism and presenteeism
  • To retain a healthy and motivated workforce - Identify the needs and wants of employees
  • To attract and retain valued staff - Identify the requirements of a health and fitness benefits package to underpin your recruitment and retention stategy.


Broad spectrum surveying of specific data and employee factors can provide insights into potential gaps in performance and from this analysis inline with budgets an intervention plan can be realised.


Please contact us or follow the links InterventionsEvents and Testimonials to learn more about how we can work together towards a healthier and more productive future.


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