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Registered REPS Level 3 Trainer Fully insured through the Register of Exercise Professionals
University of Plymouth 1st Class Honours Health & Fitness
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20 Burns Avenue
Exeter, Devon EX2 6BX
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The most complete and bespoke Personal Training available. "Exceptional!"

Smile Fitness offers a wide variety of options designed to fit your goals, schedule and budget.


Although I am able to service customers throughout the south-west via electronic communication methods and extended visit consultation sessions these package prices are only for studio sessions. Please contact me for price plans tailored to your specific needs.





  • Exercise prescription and coaching sessions
  • Nutrition for sport, exercise and fitness goals such as weight-loss and muscle mass 



  • Improve your ability to perform and reduce injury in sports and exercise
  • Has been seen to alleviate pains and discomfort as a by-product



  • To aid in correction of physical/mechanical imbalances and dysfunctions
  • To accelerate the process of physical correction and healing following injury


If you would like to tailor your own customised plan I would be happy to discus the details and I'm sure we can create a plan to fit your needs. Call me now to design your own plan.



  • iMoveFreely
  • Pilates
  • Circuits
  • Bootcamp
  • Runners

If you have a group of people and would like to set up your own class I would be happy to discuss the arrangements with you. Contact me.





For more information on how I can help your business please visit my corporate pages.

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Follow the complete system like thousands have before you and reap the rewards of the worlds best intrinsic biomechanical corrective and developmental conditioning system that helps you to move as you were designed to.


Within the first session you with have a complete review of the major functioning factors of your body's intrinsic biomechanics. This covers the: pelvis, spine, shoulders, knees and feet. You will be provided with a take home series of gentle corrective exercises that will have a releasing and balancing effect on your muscles and movement. We will then need to re-assess how your body has reacted to this change in a second 30 minute session around two weeks later. This second session is included in the price. Further exercise prescription and reassessment with guidance through the system is done in additional sessions. I can help you find a programme of training to suit your budget and the degree of care and service you require.


After the preliminary you can follow the Biomechanical Coaching System process as follows:


  • Intrinsic biomechanical corrective programme for the most common factors that affect correct movement and can lead to pain, injury and performance leaks.
  • Comprehensive examination and programme for development of functional core stability.
  • Screening and exercise prescription for correct functioning in your sport or exercises.


This system as you follow it is entirely bespoke and subsequently cannot be priced as a one off plan although the first session and review can be purchased here. You may purchase a monthly plan to ensure that you are being looked after with consistency and that's key to good health and fitness.


Reduced rates are offered for companies, teams and groups with block bookings. Please see the CORPORATE page or contact me for further details.

Body MOT
100 GBP
( VAT and shipping costs not included )
Body MOT
100 GBP

Body MOT

Body MOT Sport, Exercise & Lifestyle

Preliminary 2 hour Biomechanical Assessment & corrective exercise plan with follow up session.

Body MOT Sport, Exercise & Lifestyle

Preliminary 2 hour Biomechanical Assessment & corrective exercise plan with follow up session.




Not a standard massage treatment.. Through a series of special tests I will locate all of the major areas of dysfunction and treat them with gentle release methods and then follow up the process with massage techniques, stretches and take home exercises to re-balance how your body works leaving you feeling more comfortable in your own skin than you have for years. 


Alternatively I can deliver a standard sports massage at the same rate as my Personal Training. Contact me today for details.

Sports Massage Therapy
90 GBP
( VAT and shipping costs not included )

2 Hour Preliminary Consultation & Treatment





I understand that some people just don't want me to discuss their eating habits, lifestyle etc, therefore if that's you then this one is for you. This is an in session exercise alone based support package where I assist you in staying fit through whatever mode of exercise you want to do.

What you'll get:

  • 1 to 1 sessions
  • 1 hour workout per week
  • Weekly exercise plan
  • Goal setting support
  • Progress reports



10 x Weekly session
400 GBP

Only available for training at the studio. Please contact me for prices if you wish to meet at another location. To purchase the Habit Former Plan click here




This is actual Personal Training for you and designed on sound, tried and tested priciples of improving fitness.

What you'll get:

  • Biomechanical analysis.
  • Full fitness testing and goals setting - a battery of tests to see how much work/time is needed to your goals. 
  • 6 Week exercise programme design - I will provide what you are going to do over the course and provide you with 2 sessions per week for review, support and an all out exercise session.
  • Diet analysis and support - a comprehensive review of many factors to enable your goals to happen.
  • Sports Massage Therapy - where required.
  • Phone support when you need it most (Max 10 minutes per week).
The Full Monty
600 GBP

Only available for training at the studio. Please contact me for prices if you wish to meet at another location. To purchase the Full Monty Plan click here



Get fantastic results in weight-loss and better health by targeted nutrition. For those that would like to achieve massive fat loss without my exercise support I am able to provide you with an eating plan that alone will result in significant fat reduction without my help in exercise.

What you'll get:

  • A review of your nutritional requirements
  • A review of your current nutritional consumption
  • An analysis of your nutritional status
  • A science based eating plan tailored around your existing diet, your likes and dislikes
  • Advice on non-exercise oriented activities to supplement your plan*

 To benefit from this plan you must be following  a routine of regular physical activity and exercise.

Do it with diet
150 GBP

Requires one home visit and home work pack to be completed and returned for review. To purchase the diet plan click here




Bringing all plans together in the one-stop shop for the one that wants the definition of healthy and fit. Let's find out what you're capable of and push the limit. As one of my clients said in an email recommending my services, "my trainer has decided to either make me or break me". Fortunately I have considerable experience with pushing people to their limits so you will be treated with care, tried, tested and scientifically supported methods of getting you to the top of your game.

What you'll get:

  • Biomechanical analysis - normalise factors affecting performance
  • Nutritional advice and support - sports and general diet
  • A comprehensive lifestyle review - factors that effect performance
  • Goals setting - gap analysis with a comprehensive list of dates and objectives
  • Programme of exercise - a Full Monthly Plan for review and progressions
  • 2 x 1 hour Personal Training Session each week
  • Phone support when you need it most ( up to 30 minutes per week)   
The Performer
400 GBP

Only available for training at the studio. Please contact me for prices if you wish to meet at another location. To purchase the Performer Plan click here


Create your own bespoke plan

If you don't see an option here you can create your own entirely bespoke plan to suit your budget and availability. Simply click the free 20 minute consultation button at the top left of this page and I'll be happy to help you find a way to suit.

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